Contact David

Are you wanting to contact David?  Maybe you want an autograph or just to say hello and send him a present on his birthday or at Christmas?

If so, you can use the address below, making sure you send a self - addressed envelope big enough to fit an 8 x 10 inch photo as David will sign a random photo for you if you ask.

David Tennant

c/o Independent Talent Group

40 Whitfield Street



Please include a 8x10 inch SAE for him to reply to you.

Autographed photos are free or maybe you have a request, such as you want him to say hello to someone on their birthday or wedding day, you can write to him at the address above.  Please allow for him to reply, he may be out of the country or working on a project and not get to see his mail but he will reply.  

If you need to contact David Tennant for a professional reason then please get in touch with The Independent Talent Group.

You can find the contact details on their website here.